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Alfie Junior

15 months old

This littler Alfie is 15 months old and is starting to become very mobile and interested in all his surroundings that come with his new found mobility. For...

Alfie Junior

Chomp & Clack Alligator Push

Grandad bought this for me because he knows I love noisy toys!  Mummy says Grandad made a good choice because my little green alligators have helpe...

Alfie Junior’s rating:

Welcome To Our Wonderful Wooden and Traditional Toy Shop

Butterflies and Dragons is a UK based family business retailing wooden and traditional toys.  We offer thousands of wonderful toys for young children.

Since launching in 2006 Butterflies and Dragons has established itself as one of the UK’s premier online toy shops specialising in wooden and traditional toys.  This success has been driven by its huge range of toys, fun buying process and a customer service ethos more akin to a traditional high street toy shop than an online retailer.  We feature a huge range of fantastic brands including but not limited to; Alex Toys, Djeco, Melissa & Doug, BigJigs and Brio.

We recognise that those buying toys for young children care deeply about the way in which their gifts will help with the child’s education and development and we are committed to facilitating informed choices on these important dimensions when buying traditional and wooden toys.